AdBlue by BASF

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AdBlue ® – The clean solution

Since several years, the marginal values for exhaust gasses of commercial vehicles are significantly restricted within the EU. Thus, the EURO 5 reduces the maximum admissible emissions of nitric oxide and sooty particle by 80% respectively 40%. In order to reach those objectives, most of the European OEMs rely on the well established SCR (selective catalytic reduction)- technology. 

How does AdBlue ® by BASF work?

AdBlue ® is an high purity 32,5% urea solution. It is directly injected into the exhaust gas where it serves as reducing agent. Thereby, ammonia is released that subsequently reacts with the nitric oxides on the catalyst to elementary nitrogen and water. Both, atmospheric nitrogen and water are natural constituents of the air we breathe. Hence, the amount of nitric oxides in the emission can be reduced by 85%.

Reduced fuel consumption and constant engine output

In combination with the SCR-technology, AdBlue ® by BASF optimizes sooty particle emission and fuel consumption. Hence, the amount of sooty particles in the exhaust gas can be reduced by 40%.Furthermore, AdBlue ® by BASF reduces the fuel consumption by 5% - without affecting the engine output.

AdBlue ® by BASF – fit for the future!

AdBlue ® by BASF is part of a future-proof concept for the reduction of exhaust emissions. By combining environment-friendliness and cost effectiveness, AdBlue ® by BASF meets all EURO 5 and 6 objectives.

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